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Mutual Welfare and Benefit

Jita Kyoei (mutual welfare and benefit) is one of the governing principles of Judo. It acknowledges the innate interconnectedness of our lives and the consequences of our actions on others. Failure to understand this principle is the source of many … Continue reading

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Claustrophobia and Panic in Grappling

It seems that one of the major problems new trainees have is giving up from a simple pin due to a severe anxiety response. Claustrophobia, or fear of tight/enclosed, spaces is actually quite common. It is also commonly experienced when a … Continue reading

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A Guide To Defense

The fundamental idea behind defense in grappling is to stop one of the necessary steps in the completion of the technique. This is true whether you are talking about a submission, sweep, or takedown.  Offense can be thought of a … Continue reading

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