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Grappling Conditioning

I get asked quite often about the best type of conditioning routine for grappling. The fact is, there is no magical routine. There is no certain series of exercises that will ensure you never get tired. In any hard-fought match … Continue reading

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Carlson Gracie Kentucky Intra-Association Tournament

The second Carlson Gracie Kentucky Intra-Association Tournament is set for September 24th at Four Seasons Martial Arts in Lexington Kentucky. It is co-hosted by the Valhalla Grappling Academy. This will be a gi tournament open only to students of official CGKY affiliated … Continue reading

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Preventing Submission Lock Injuries

Injuries are an unfortunate a part of grappling sports. The odds of remaining completely injury free are not in your favor if you train for long periods of time. That said most injuries are minor and result in minimal loss … Continue reading

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