Carlson Gracie Kentucky Intra-Association Tournament Results


The Carlson Gracie KY intra-association tournament was held at Four Seasons Martial Arts in Lexington this weekend. CGKY affiliated schools from around the state came to represent their clubs and meet others in the network. The tournament was co-hosted by Valhalla Grappling Academy and we were represented by Adam Conners, Alex Mohn, and Brad Spickard. It was a great experience for everyone and we hope the next one is even bigger and better. I am extremely proud of our performance on the mat. The VGA students who all fought hard against tough opponents and left everything on the mat.

My good friend and training partner Jim Howard was promoted to black belt just before the tournament started. There are years of blood and sweat behind a promotion like that and no one deserved it more than him. Congratulations Jim!

The full results of the tournament are:

White Belt (139-160 lb), 1st Ben Knechel, 2nd Nick Cummins, 3rd Chris Hallmeyer
White Belt (161-179 lb), 1st Greg Walters, 2nd Cody Kavish, 3rd James Rinker
White Belt (180-209 lb), 1st Randolph Fields, 2nd Markus Russel, 3rd Dustin Tuggle
White Belt (210+ lb), 1st Michael Biggs, 2nd Brandon Hall, 3rd Alex Hall
Blue (Light), 1st Jamal Mohammed, 2nd Joel Runyan, 3rd Jose Rodriguez
Blue (Heavy), 1st Michael Biggs, 2nd Alex Mohn, 3rd Brandon Hall
Purple+ (open wt), 1st Tyler Burke, 2nd Jon Smith, 3rd Luke Bubenzer

Brian Jones, PhD

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