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Guest instructor Chris Griffin, head instructor of The Submission Academy (www.kentuckybjj), veteran mma fighter, and Carlson Gracie Jr. brown belt, covered some great material at Valhalla Grappling Academy during the Wednesday night no-gi class. Griffin has a unique and dynamic guard game and we were treated to a full series of attacks based on the triangle.

First, he demonstrated a straightforward method of entering the triangle from wrist control. Chris coached everyone on common mistakes in finishing the basic triangle. He then showed several different attacks that work when you can’t finish the basic triangle due to the opponent’s size or defense. Griffin showed an arm-assisted finish, the reverse leg position finish, and an effective opposite side Kimura.

He finished by showing how to move into the oma plata and stop the opponent’s most common defenses. Counter attacks from the failed oma plata included a straight armlock, shoulder crank, wrist lock, toe hold, and S-mount triangle. If you missed this class you missed some great material.

One of my priorities as head instructor of Valhalla Grappling Academy is the promotion of goodwill and learning between academies. As vice-president of Carlson Gracie KY I obviously want to encourage cross-training between affiliates. As a member of the larger grappling community I also want to promote friendships, networking, and technical exchange between other schools.

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Brian Jones, PhD

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