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Guest Instructor Chris Griffin @ Valhalla Academy

  Chris Griffin, owner and head instructor of The Submission Academy, will be the guest instructor at Valhalla Academy on Wed, Sept 28th from 7:00-8:30. Chris is a Carlson Gracie Jr. brown belt and a veteran mixed martial arts fighter. … Continue reading

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The Gi vs No-gi Debate (Part I)

  There is an ongoing debate between gi and no-gi grapplers. In case you are new to this let me lay out the basics of the debate. First there are those who think that gi grappling is essential to grappling … Continue reading

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Helio Soneca Seminar @ Valhalla Grappling Academy

Valhalla Grappling Academy is honored to host a gi jiu-jitsu seminar by world champion Helio ‘Soneca’ Moreira. Soneca has coached some of the greatest grapplers and fighters in the world. Don’t miss this opportunity to train with a jiu-jitsu legend. … Continue reading

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