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The Gi vs. No-gi Debate (Part III)

  The Gi vs. No-gi Debate and the Philosophy of Use Gi vs no-gi, at times, a hotly debated question in the grappling world.  There are many traditionalists that can list the advantages of training with the gi on, Marcelo Garcia among … Continue reading

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Ills of the Will: Why Willpower Fails Us

  Ask what it takes to realize a goal and you will typically receive a response similar to this: motivation, a strong desire, willpower, etc…   You may be surprised to learn however, that when it comes to reaching goals, traits … Continue reading

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A Weekend of Teaching and Learning

  This last weekend was a busy one. It started with me teaching a short seminar at Bluegrass Budokai on strength and conditioning work for martial artists. The host Craig Caudill was very gracious and the turnout was excellent. I … Continue reading

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