Positional Flow Drilling


Several months ago I put together some positional flow charts for our competition team. They describe which positional transitions score points in the typical Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament. This provides a roadmap of where to go next in order to build up a score and play the submission game while you are ahead on points. This way if no one taps, your hand goes up at the end.

I’ve heard people say that point wins are cheap and that the emphasis should be on submissions. But folks, let’s face it. Sport BJJ is a game that people play, not a real fight. It has rules. Play by those rules and get the win. If you are so focused on submissions that you think points are bulls**t then just enter submission-only tourneys.

I realize that there is not one governing body or rule set for BJJ and submission grappling, but these flow charts cover the most important transitions and are great for setting up drills.

The one below starts with you on the bottom.

Point Sequences Guard Bottom

Brian Jones, PhD

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