Positional Flow Drilling (Part II)


The Valhalla Academy philosophy stays very true to the original Team Carlson Gracie roots. We emphasize getting the takedown, getting and staying on top, a crushing pass game, and an active, attacking guard. This is a philosophy of activity versus passivity, action versus reaction, and initiative versus waiting.

In a previous the previous post regarding positional drilling I posted a drill sheet for scoring opportunities when you start on the bottom. This sheet assumes you have gotten top position through a takedown or sweep. Together these two sheets should cover all of the standard positional flows and emphasize the path to score points.

In a time limit tournament it’s points first then submission. This only makes sense when 4 near submissions can be overridden by one 2 point sweep. Get your score up then go in for the kill.

Point Sequences Guard Top

Brian Jones, PhD

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