Scientific Research on BJJ


A new article in the Asian Journal of Sports Medicine
applies the lens of scientific inquiry to Brazilian jiu-jitsu. This is not the
first research study published in English on the art and sport of BJJ but as an
exercise physiologist and coach I like to see my favorite sport getting its

The results of this study seem to suggest that gi jiu-jitsu
is a slower paced less glycolytic (anaerobic) sport than wrestling or judo that
requires a great deal of grip strength and endurance. The matches analyzed
showed a slower pace interspersed with short bouts of high-intensity work.
Until now most of the actual research was done on the more established sports
of wrestling and judo. This seems to confirm that there is a difference worth
investigating and applying to training.

For those of you who want to read it the link to the free
pdf file is below.

Brian Jones, PhD

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