Valhalla Beginner Program Online


There are no secrets or secret techniques at Valhalla Academy. We train a solid fundamentals game and incorporate more advanced moves only much later in training. I have decided to put our entire beginner curriculum on the Youtube channel for access by everyone. This is primarily designed as an easy reference for those students and affiliates who are under the Valhalla banner. However, I see it as a service to the larger grappling community as well.
I am not an “ivory-tower” or “exalted master” type instructor. I get out on the mats with my students every time I can. I love to spar with people from other schools and learn from them.  This means that I will teach my students, anyone who comes to train with me, or has me for a seminar ANYTHING I know. The Valhalla program is open source rather than black box. No one will get better simply by watching these videos – only the people who put in the sweat on the mat will see results.
If you are a student or are interested in developing your own fundamentals program subscribe to our Youtube channel and see what we do. The explanations are meant to be clear and concise. I welcome feedback (please post to Youtube so everyone can read it) and if you do something different would like to hear and learn from you. Please ‘share’ these videos on any forums or sites you’d like and spread the word.

Thank you,
Brian Jones, PhD

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