Kettlebell Complexes for Grapplers

Kettlebell (KB) training is a great way to enhance all aspects of fitness including strength, power, hypertrophy, range of motion, and conditioning. The usefulness of KB work for conditioning will be obvious to you after your first set of clean and jerks or snatches. Your heart rate and lactic acid levels will go through the roof exactly like they do in a hard grappling match. After building some proficiency will the basic lifts you can move on to complexes in order to really kick your training up a notch.

Complexes are series of basic lifts strung together so that a single rep involves multiple movements. The idea is to pick exercises that flow smoothly from one to the next. In other words the end position for one exercise should be the start position for the next one. Here are a few of my favorite complexes that you can use as is or as inspiration to create your own.

● 1 Arm Deadlift > 1 Arm Swing > 1 Arm Snatch > 1 Arm Push Press > 1 Arm Overhead Squat
● 1 Arm Clean & Jerk > Squat (w/KB racked) > 1 Arm Snatch > 1 Arm Military Press
● 1 Arm Deadlift > 1 Arm High Pull > 1 Arm Clean > 1 Arm Squat and Press
● 2 KB Clean > Squat > Push Press
● 2 KB Clean > Left Lunge > Press > Right Lunge > Press
● 2 KB Burpee > Clean > Alternating Military Press

Brian Jones, PhD

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