Kinestheic Vocabulary


A few weeks back I created a video for the Valhalla Youtube channel that described my coaching approach of building up a movement skill vocabulary. Only in this way will beginners understand the movements that you are asking them to do. The Valhalla Academy beginner curriculum contains quite a few of these movement skills. We drill them often and use them for warm-ups. I have decided to put the entirety of our fundamentals program online so that my students and affiliates can hear a consistent message. Hopefully this will benefit other grapplers as well. Please listen to the explanation of the Kinesthetic Vocabulary method and watch a couple of our movement skills. If you are not subscribed to our Youtube channel please do so. This way you’ll know when I add updates and new content. Please post any comments on the Youtube channel rather than on this blog. If there are questions I will answer them. The amount of spam I have to sift through to moderate this blog prevents it.

And some movement skills:

Brian Jones, PhD

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