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Chokes for Beginners

I’m frequently asked which techniques I prefer to teach to beginners, in what order, etc. I believe in the principle of position over submission. Beginners should spend their time working on escapes and position dominance. There are too many newbies … Continue reading

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Guard Slams and Throwing to Pass

  My pre-BJJ background is Judo and my personal focus is on self-defense. Over the years I’ve noticed that many grapplers seem to forget that the standing and ground game are, or at least should be, seamlessly connected. In the … Continue reading

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Blacksmithing and the Martial Arts

  Recently a good friend and former training partner of mine opened a BJJ school in Colorado called The Forge. Ryan Foster is a seasoned brown belt under Carlson Gracie Jr., tough competitor, and excellent teacher. He wrote a short … Continue reading

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