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How to Be a Good Training Partner

Good training partners help each other get better. They challenge each, push each other, and don’t let each other slack off. On the other hand they value the safety of their partners over any gym ‘win’ or technique. Safety is … Continue reading

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Self-Defense

  Grappling in general, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu in particular, is an excellent nucleus for solid defensive tactics, combatives, and self-defense. Certainly striking is a large component of a complete approach but the fundamental control of balance and position can help … Continue reading

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A Weekend of Teaching and Learning

  This last weekend was a busy one. It started with me teaching a short seminar at Bluegrass Budokai on strength and conditioning work for martial artists. The host Craig Caudill was very gracious and the turnout was excellent. I … Continue reading

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