Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences

The Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences (IMAS) is a new concept in martial arts, we are striving toward a more Professional and Academic future for our art form.

An officially recognised professional Institute, the IMAS was formed by a group of high ranking martial arts instructors, educators, researchers and academics. Together they make up our Faculty. All faculty, members and students are working towards a set of common goals and objectives, known as our Mission Statement.



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Mission Statement

1. Encourage education and research in the Martial Arts

2. Promote professionalism throughout the Martial Arts

3. Afford Martial Artists the opportunity of obtaining recognized and accredited qualifications.

4. To act as a platform to encourage academic debate






Membership of a professional institute is an extremely special kind of qualification in its own right being widely considered as the very pinnacle of achievement and bearing testimony to the individuals superb levels of knowledge and skill which have been duly recognised by their peers.

The Institute offers Professional Membership at various levels for all martial artists of all abilities and from all styles. Membership starts at the Associate level, which is available to students of the Martial Arts at any level, or academic students of a related discipline.

The most senior level of membership available is fellowship of the Institute. Fellowship is reserved for very senior, experienced martial artists who also hold certain academic qualifications. Further information on joining us can be found in the relevant section of our web site.

Our faculty consists of specially selected individuals most of whom hold advanced degrees (Masters/PhD) and/or senior ranks in various martial arts and sciences.

They are dedicated to helping our students to learn and achieve, and act as tutors, supervisors, mentors, researchers and assessment/examinations officers. More information about our faculty, including a list of some of the senior faculty members can be found in the relevant section of our website.



IMAS in North America

IMAS is growing in North America and currently seeking new members. Dr. Brian Jones, FIMAS, and head instructor of Valhalla Academy is the Director for North America. If you are interested in helping grow this organization in the United States or Canada are actively recruiting new members and faculty.

For North American inquiries please email, contact the North American HQ at IMAS North America.



Presentation of IMAS Fellowships (FIMAS) in the United States

Master Carlson Gracie, Jr

Master Carlson Gracie, Jr

Sensei Eberhard Kieslich

Sensei Eberhard Kieslich

Sensei Neil Adams

Sensei Neil Adams

Sensei Niki Adams

Sensei Niki Adams