Regis Calixto de Lima Seminar Review

The Regis Calixto de Lima seminar at Valhalla Grappling Academy last Tuesday was an outstanding success. Even though it was put together on short notice we had a substantial turnout and a good mix of skill levels. Regis structured the seminar to provide useful information for all levels: I learned a lot as did my white belts.

I am normally satisfied if I can learn just one or two things from a seminar that are practical enough to use. Everything that Regis taught is directly applicable to my game. He covered the material in a methodical fashion, presented the techniques in context, and spent enough time on the details to ensure everyone was able to execute each move correctly before moving on.

Regis provided us with quite a bit of material over 2.5 hours but the quantity of information was not overwhelming. He allowed a lot of time to practice each technique while he corrected errors and answered questions. The seminar content included:

Guard mobility and defense drills

Details on the best way to grip the gi when fighting from guard

One detail that almost everyone does wrong from the guard and will get you swept every time

Sweep series when your opponent stands in your guard

Sweep and submission sequence from closed guard

Oma Plata submission series for countering your opponent’s defenses

Butterfly guard sweep and take the back series

Regis is one of the nicest and most humble guys you’ll ever meet. He is an outstanding coach with a passion for teaching that comes across when he is on the mat. I recommend training with him whenever you have an opportunity and I will definitely have him back at Valhalla in the future.

Brian Jones, PhD

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