How to Be a Good Training Partner

Good training partners help each other get better. They challenge each, push each other, and don’t let each other slack off. On the other hand they value the safety of their partners over any gym ‘win’ or technique. Safety is their first priority. Good training partners are enjoyable to train with and don’t try to hurt you.

As a grappler you cannot improve without training partners who will allow you to work your weak areas and cut you some slack when you mess up. You also cannot improve when your they don’t push you hard and let you off easy in practice. There is a fine line, but it’s one that has to be straddled.

Grappling is both an individual and a team sport. You may be on the mat by yourself at a tournament but you team helped get you ready and sit in your corner when your name is called. Be a good training partner and value the training partners that you have.

This video was shot unrehearsed and without the original intent of video publication. I gave a short talk about this topic at the recent Cobra Judo MMA BJJ (Louisville, KY) rank evaluations. I thought it was worth posting – I hope you find it entertaining and informative.

Brian Jones, PhD

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